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Online Group Physics Lessons

Tutoring is an investment for your child's future and selecting the right class is important. Our small group lessons provide personalised support and exam preparation for your child in a supportive and engaging environment, across all GCSE, iGCSE & A-Level exam boards. 

What makes these lessons unique?

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home. All lessons are run online via zoom.

  • Work booklet provided for every session. These start with the absolute basics and progress in difficulty up to the trickiest exam questions.

  • Missed a lesson? No problem! Lessons are recorded to enable your child to catch up.

  • Access tutor support via WhatsApp outside of lessons during dedicated office hours. Get help with tricky questions as they arise.

  • Full written solutions for work booklets and exam questions available to download after each lesson.

  • Dedicated exam paper practise sessions in the run up to exams.

Lessons are priced at £30 per 75 minutes lesson.

Sign up for a trial lesson by filling in the form below or drop me a message to discuss your tuition needs further. 

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